U Can Cover is a preventative plastic surface cover distributor based in Surrey, British Columbia.

Floor Cover
U Can Cover offers a wide variety of adhesive friendly plastic products that will protect virtually any surface from the dust and dirt associated with construction and renovation projects.

This specialized preventative maintenance system allows floors, carpets, windows, countertops, etc. to be protected while construction continues.

Easy Removal
What makes U Can Cover products special is the specific adhesives used for each surface. These surface specific adhesives do not leave a gluey residue when product is removed, in turn leaving a clean finished surface. This prevents the costs associated with cleanup or replacement of these surfaces.

ZipWall Area Containment

U Can Cover offers many products with fire retardant material including ZipWall area containment products to prevent contamination from one construction area to another.

The applications for U Can Cover products are truly endless. If you have a surface to be protected,
U Can Cover it.

In addition, all U Can Cover products are environmentally friendly and recyclable.

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